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 Many types of Ginseng(Red ginseng)
Undried ginseng, white ginseng, dried ginseng(bended ginseng, half-bended ginseng, straight ginseng), and red ginseng(solar ginseng, ground ginseng,) is kinds of ginseng. Being inside empty and white decides the quality of ginseng.

 The best place to grow ginseng is where the soil contains many organic matters, well ventilated, sandy soil, and draining water well.

 We're sure that you already know the difference between Korean ginseng and other countries' ginseng. When ginseng market opens to other countries, many foreign ginsengs will appear on your dinner table. You'd have knowledge to choose better ginseng.

 Korean Ginseng is the best tonic in the world

Korean Ginseng is "Natural Viagra"
It cures failure in erection 70%
It has been clear that Korean ginseng show dramatic effects on people who have failure in erections.
Dr. Choi, Hyun-Ki's team, urology part of Yonsei Medical Universityn and men's medical science department, have been doing research on red ginseng's effects on impotency to Korea, Singapore, and many other countries. The result shows that ginseng does great effect on it.

According to Dr.Choi, 25 Koreans and 20 Foreign people, total 64 people had red ginseng and placebo for 3 mothes. 72.9% was able to have their erection better, 64.9% had sex more frequently. 62.1% felt more satisfied. 70.2% of them could get out of impotency.

          - Gukminilbo. September.20.1999 -

 About Emperor Korea Red Ginseng
Amount of red-ginseng-element(saponin) decides the quality of the ginseng.
Our company's ginseng contains 100mg of saponin. It is the king of the kings.

Our company's ginseng contains 100mg of saponin. No arificial dye, no strong smell. We did not put any other chemicals. We only used pure red ginseng with our true heart. It has been made of 80g tube. So you can easily drink outdoor. Graceful design and doves, the trademark of Agape, make sure the product's quality.

                              [Meet Emperor Korea Red Ginseng Now. You Can Be An Emperor]

 It does not freeze under - 10°C.
 You can drink it by squeezing just like toothpaste.
 It contains 100mg of saponin in every 1g.
※ When purchasing ginseng products, please compare the red-ginseng-element.
 Spices and food colors were never used.

 Consumers Price ( 80g ×3. 1bax = 125 $ )

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